Boys look good in high top canvas shoes or low top canvas shoes

Good shoes that integrate feet and shoes are good

Good shoes that integrate feet and shoes are good


With the increasing aging trend of China's population, the accelerating speed of population mobility, and the increasing pressure of work and life, "empty nest elderly" has become the normal life of many elderly people in today's society.
Many elderly people live separately from their children all year round. During the 365 days of the year, they may have the opportunity to sit down and talk to their parents only when they return home for the Spring Festival.
Even as a freelance travel blogger, I am often too busy with work and other reasons to achieve real high-quality company. I always think that my parents are always there, and there will be opportunities in the future, but we haven't calculated carefully. How long can we stay with our parents?
Every year, parents will think about what gifts to give their parents on their birthday. In addition to clothes, shoes are the most practical. Shoes are worn every day to express filial piety and practical value.
With the recommendation of a friend, I chose my favorite gift for Mom's birthday this year. In fact, I bought a pair of lunch shoes for Dad in May. He was very satisfied, so I bought a pair for Mom before Mom's birthday. It is the wish of children to let elderly parents enjoy good quality in clothing.
After trying on the shoes for a week, I also compared them with some brands of shoes. My mother is very satisfied with the shoes. Now let's talk about how about Xiangwu, a pair of casual shoes for the elderly.
1. Light shoes
Shoes should be worn every day. The most important thing is that they are light and comfortable without tiring your feet. The Xiangwu Jade Bamboo series has a full sense of cool in summer. It is very comfortable to wear them in summer with mesh breathable materials. The weight of 240g is light and convenient. Most brand sports and leisure shoes are almost 400g in weight. Such as Nike, Adidas and Arthur. After the brand was launched, the price was expensive and the shoes were not light.
2. Flexible and comfortable sole
Choosing shoes for parents also depends on the comfort of the soles. The Xiangwu casual shoes not only have the softness that the elderly like, but also have very good rebound support. The Xiangwu shoes adopt shock absorption EVA and ergonomic design, which can effectively decompose the foot pressure and relieve the tiredness of walking. This makes parents who like to walk a hundred paces and dance in the square after dinner will not feel tired.
3. Comfortable and elastic insole
The insole is also very important for a pair of shoes. The insole of Xiangwu shoes is a pair of double density insoles with elastic and support functions. The orange part of the forefoot is breathable PU with elasticity, and the reinforced part of the heel is supported by EVA. At the same time, the overall support is quite good, which can relieve the pressure of the foot when walking, and you won't feel very tired when walking for a long time.
4. Non slip sole
A pair of shoes with good slip resistance is equivalent to the second cane of the old man, which makes the old man walk more steadily.
The importance of anti-skid shoes for the elderly is self-evident. The Xiangwu casual shoes have achieved this. The sole has 45 degree serrated grooves+1cm rubber anti slip strips, and the anti slip coefficient is far beyond the international standard. In the dry state, it is nearly 3 times of the international standard, and in the wet state, it is nearly 2 times of the international standard.
Therefore, anti-skid must be the best choice when buying shoes for the elderly at home.


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